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Staying awake for nights at a time because of your partner’s snoring. Sleeping in another room or on the couch. For many families, this is daily reality. It’s generally the man who can drive everyone around them crazy with his snoring. He has likely already tried various methods to stop snoring – some more effective than others. But if you really want to stop snoring, you may also have to make changes to your lifestyle.

How does snoring occur?

Snoring occurs because of a narrowing behind the uvula or in the throat or due to a stopped-up nasal cavity. As people get older, the likelihood is great that they will start producing the annoying noise. Snoring can also arise due to naturally weak muscles in the throat cavity or from enlarged tonsils or adenoids. This latter is usually seen in children. Finally, there are also conditions that can cause snoring, such as smoking.

As the airways become narrower, vibration occurs as the air flows out. The effect can be compared to a balloon whose air gets let out. This causes an annoying vibrating noise that can sometimes even be heard at the neighbours’ or on the street. Naturally, you want to prevent this noise if possible.

Smoking promotes snoring

A healthier lifestyle may be the solution to preventing snoring. Smoking has a negative effect on throat tissues, for example. It irritates mucous membranes in the throat, causing narrowing. This narrowing causes snoring. Furthermore, there are other conditions that can cause the noise, including obesity and alcohol.

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