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By nature, women are not snorers. It’s usually the men who drive their partners crazy with their noise throughout the night. So many women find it strange when they suddenly start snoring during their pregnancy. 40% of all pregnant women snore, especially during their last trimester. Why is it then that women start snoring during their pregnancy and is this permanent?

How does snoring arise during pregnancy?

Snoring is caused by a constriction of the airways caused by relaxation of the muscles in the throat and behind the uvula or by the swelling of tissues due to an increase in weight or improved vascular circulation. Fortunately, snoring is reversible. After your pregnancy, your complaints should disappear. Just in time – because that’s exactly when you really need your sleep. Nonetheless, snoring during pregnancy does carry risks – namely, in the form of high blood pressure and maternal toxaemia. During pregnancy, these complaints may result in smaller babies, premature birth and complications. This can be prevented by addressing snoring effectively.

Prevent snoring?

To reduce or prevent snoring during pregnancy, it’s good to limit your increase in weight. It is quite normal for women to gain weight during pregnancy, but it’s not necessary to eat for two. The heavier you become, the greater your likelihood of snoring. Sleeping on your side will also reduce snoring. In addition, you may also choose to make temporary use of a product or aid that prevents snoring.

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