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The cause of snoring is a narrowing of the airway that occurs during sleep. This narrowing is in the nasal cavity or at the back of the throat. Air has more difficulty passing through the narrow passageway, thereby causing an annoying noise. The effect can be compared to a balloon whose air gets let out. Snorers are often unaware that they produce this noise. It’s generally those in the vicinity who are hindered by this.

The cause of snoring

Snoring has several causes. Some are medical, including a soft palate or enlarged tonsils or adenoids. A common cold or an allergy can also cause snoring. One’s lifestyle also has an effect on the nightly noise. Smoking causes continuous irritation of the throat, causing the tissue to thicken. The same thing occurs with obesity. A weakening of the muscles in the palate, uvula and tongue can also cause snoring. This happens as we age and when fatigued. Alcohol and sedatives also have a negative effect on these muscles. So it happens quite regularly that people who have never snored before suddenly start snoring after using alcohol.

How can I keep from snoring?

If snoring only occurs after drinking alcohol, then the solution is quite simple. An anti-snoring spray can be effective after using alcohol. With this type of spray, make sure that it ends up in the right place. Often, people spray it in their mouths instead of in their throats. This minimises its effect. Want to be sure that the spray reduces snoring? Then choose a spray with a special spray head that atomises the substance directly onto the proper place in the throat cavity.

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