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If you or your partner are bothered by snoring, then it is quite likely that you have already tried various products. Snoring bandages, anti-snoring sprays and even snoring braces are often used. Some products are more effective than others. This is because snoring has varying causes. The nose as a cause of snoring occurs in only a small group of people!

The causes of snoring

Snoring occurs due to a narrowing in the nose or throat cavity immediately behind the uvula or tongue. Air cannot get out easily through this narrow passageway. This causes vibration and the effect can be compared to a balloon whose air gets let out. The noise is sometimes so dominant that the neighbours can hear it. So it’s no surprise that snorers, or the people in their vicinity, are searching for a solution to this annoying problem.

Does a nose clip help prevent snoring?

The nose clip is a product often used to prevent snoring. They are widely available and relatively cheap. Nonetheless, they generally end up on the nightstand after a couple of nights and the snorer is back at square one. Why doesn’t the nose clip work very often? The most important reason is that it is mainly effective for ‘nose-snorers.’ The nose clip opens the nose, allowing more air out, so that the vibration and, in turn, the noise, decreases. The number of people who snore due to a constriction in the nose is quite small. For this reason, only very few people benefit from a nose clip. The largest group of people snores because of a narrowing in the throat. For these people, an anti-snoring spray is a good solution. This reduces the snoring considerably. When choosing an anti-snoring spray, make sure that the product has a spray head that ensures that the product ends up at the proper location.

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