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Do you snore? Or are you bothered by your partner’s snoring? Then you’ve probably already tried many products to stop snoring. The annoying noise interrupts your night’s sleep – bothering you or those in your vicinity with fatigue and concentration problems. Or you’ve slept in separate bedrooms for some time in order to get enough sleep. Many people choose earplugs. How effective are these and are there other anti-snoring products?

Preventing snoring with earplugs

The cause of snoring is a narrowing of the airway that occurs during sleep. This narrowing is in the nasal cavity or at the back of the throat behind the uvula or tongue. It can be caused by a cold, enlarged tonsils or adenoids or by a naturally weak palate. One’s lifestyle can also have an effect. Obesity, smoking and the use of alcohol all cause constriction of the throat cavity. Sometimes, even a small adjustment can result in a decrease in the snoring noise. If the snorer has already tried various products, he probably won’t be too receptive to trying yet another. So, often, the partner then chooses to sleep with earplugs in.

Other anti-snoring products

Earplugs filter the snoring noise, but they’re not particularly comfortable. Wearing them can cause irritation or pressure in the auditory canal. You can get custom-made earplugs, but these can be quite expensive. It’s better to attack the problem at its source. Snoring can be decreased or even prevented entirely through the use of the right products. Anti-snoring sprays are effective against snoring. But they often end up not in the right place in the throat. As a result, effectiveness is then minimal and the product will end up in your medicine cabinet. Always use an anti-snoring spray with a special spray head that ensures that the product ends up at the back of the throat.

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