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Snoring braces, bandages and anti-snoring sprays. There are many anti-snoring products for sale, but are they effective? Often, people choose to sleep separately, because nothing seems to be able to help the problem. Some products are so unpleasant for the snorer that they just end up on the nightstand. Are there products that help prevent snoring or are earplugs the only solution?

How anti-snoring products work

The cause of snoring is a narrowing of the airways. As air passes through, this causes a vibration that then causes an annoying noise. The effect can be compared to a balloon whose air gets let out. Anti-snoring products counter the vibrations by decreasing the constriction of the airways, among other methods. This may be by opening the nasal passages (snoring bandages), by pushing the jaw forward (snoring braces) or by moisturising the tissues of the throat (anti-snoring sprays). Opening nasal passages is effective for people who snore due to a narrowing of the nasal passages. Unfortunately, this is the case only for a small number of snorers. So these bandages are not helpful to most snorers. The snoring brace is a product that works better. This device decreases the constriction in the airways, obviating the vibration. However, the brace is not pleasant for the snorer to wear and it’s likely that it quickly will no longer be used.

Do anti-snoring sprays really work?

Another popular snoring remedy is the anti-snoring spray. This moisturises the tissues in the throat, keeping vibrations from occurring. This decreases the noise considerably and sometimes removes it completely! With these sprays, it is important that the substance ends up in exactly the right place: otherwise, its effectiveness is minimal. There are anti-snoring sprays on the market with a special spray head. With these, you can be certain that the product always ends up at the back of the throat. Furthermore, a spray is easy to use and not annoying to the snorer. With a natural spray, in particular, you can be certain that it does no damage and has no side effects.

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