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If you or your partner snores, then you have probably been looking for an effective solution for some time. A snoring brace, bandages, anti-snoring sprays…  you’ve tried them all! Many anti-snoring products will now be lying unused on your nightstand. Still, you’re searching for a way to prevent snoring. Is an anti-snoring pillow the solution?

How does an anti-snoring pillow work?

The cause of snoring is a narrowing of the airways in the nose or throat. Air cannot get out easily through this narrow passageway. This induces vibration in the tissues and causes the annoying noise. The effect can be compared to a balloon whose air gets let out. The noise is sometimes so loud that it can be heard outside. So it’s no surprise that you or the people in your vicinity are searching for a solution. The anti-snoring pillow is one of the products available as a remedy for snoring. Various pillows are for sale. Several are based on opening the airways by means of changing the sleeping position, while others turn the sleeper over gently when he/she produces too much noise.

Other anti-snoring products

An anti-snoring pillow may be effective against snoring, but is often uncomfortable to sleep on. So many snorers then change back to a normal pillow. The snorer is then back where he started from and will have to search for another solution. In such cases, an anti-snoring spray can be a very handy resource. These sprays place a thin layer over the vibrating tissue in the throat, reducing or even completely preventing the noise. Nearly no noise is produced and the snoring is gone. When choosing an anti-snoring spray, make sure that the product ends up at the proper location in the throat. There are sprays available with a special spray head that guarantees this.

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