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When anti-snoring products turn out not to work, a physician will often prescribe a anti snoring brace. This is an effective product for stopping snoring. Despite its effectiveness, however, snorers barely use it. The reason?

How a anti snoring brace works

The cause of snoring is a narrowing of the airways. Breathing induces a vibration that produces an irritating growling noise. The effect can be compared to a balloon whose air gets let out. The constriction of the airways may be caused by obesity or alcohol use. And smoking, a common cold or having too heavy a meal before going to sleep can also influence snoring. Sleep apnoea can occur among snorers. With this, night-time breathing sometimes stops for up to 2 minutes. This happens many times each hour.

The snoring brace prevents constriction of the airways by pushing the jaw forward. No vibration can occur and the snoring disappears. Why do snorers prefer not to use this brace? After all, it’s an extremely effective product. A snoring brace is not pleasant to use. Snorers experience pressure or even pain in their mouths. This makes them prefer not to use the brace, partly because they themselves don’t experience the hindrance from the snoring. Because of this, the snoring brace often remains on the nightstand – unused.

Other anti-snoring products

Often, snorers have tried many other anti-snoring products such as bandages and sprays in addition to the snoring brace. Bandages work well, particularly for people whose snoring comes from a narrowing of the nasal cavity. However, this is the case from only a small number of snorers. Usually, the narrowing is in the throat, so that no improvement is noticeable. Anti-snoring sprays place a thin layer over the vibrating tissue in the throat, reducing or even completely preventing the noise. Extremely effective, as long as it’s sprayed on the right place in the throat cavity. Many sprays end up in the mouth, providing nearly no effect. These days, there are also anti-snoring sprays available with a special spray head. These ensure that the product always ends up at the proper location in the throat.

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