PuraNox anti snoring spray may prevent and diminish snoring!

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Wake up refreshed with PuraNox! The anti snoring spray that may prevent and diminish snoring. It works fast, is easy-to-use and may improve the quality of your sleep. The patented formula, based on plant extracts, may provide rapid relief. With the ergonomic spray head, the product always ends up in the right place.

How PuraNox works

There are many anti snoring products on the market including sprays, bandages and braces. PuraNox works by forming a thin layer of the formulation in the throat mucosa contacting the soft tissue. Contact of the formulation with the soft tissue may diminish the vibrations that result in snoring. PuraNox works promptly, is easy-to-use and is not unpleasant for the snorer.

Where to buy PuraNox

PuraNox is available in pharmacies.